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The Sweetest Summer Trip to the Biltmore Estate

Hey, y’all! It’s your favorite Sweet T Picnics intern, Safiyah, and I’m here to give you some unique insight on this year’s team trip.

Last year, Marcie and the 2022 interns headed down to Charleston, South Carolina to partake in the International Sweet Tea Festival. This summer we headed to the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina to explore and experience the Biltmore Estate.

Our little caravan included the owner of Sweet T Picnics, Marcie, and the 2023 summer interns (myself and Lily). The trip kicked off in an unconventional fashion with a private flight from Raleigh to our destination. While flying an aircraft isn’t Matt’s (our pilot) first rodeo, riding in a private plane was definitely mine. After about an hour of being snuggled up under a blanket and snacking on a can of Pringles, the view of Carolinian mountains became the main event. The gorgeous aerial view of lush green trees and rolling hills was something sure to take one’s breath away.

By the time we landed and got our car, it was safe to say that we were ravenous. One delicious dinner at Taco Boy and a Target pitstop later, we were off on a long winding road to the top of the mountain where our house for the night rested. With the crickets chirping in the background and the stars shining above, the night was peaceful. Games were played, music was listened to, and eventually, the lights went out in the cozy home.

The next morning was a slow, early rise. The rhythmic sounds of the Lumineers filled the house and the smell of coffee wafted through the air. I crept out to the balcony overlooking the gorgeous mountainous skyline and enjoyed my coffee and read my novel in the crisp, dewy air as the sun slowly rose in the sky. Soon enough, it was time to get set for the day and say goodbye to the lovely house nestled between trees and rock. Our next stop? The Biltmore.

Walking up to the grand estate was like something out of a movie. The French-inspired house looked genuinely unreal, and getting to tour the house only elevated that experience. We took our time through the self-guided tour, staring at the intricate ceilings and studying the rare art sprinkled across the estate.

I personally enjoyed studying the interior architecture of the house and how it compared to the luxurious use of interior design. As far as favorite rooms go… I fell in instant love with the

Library. This library could make any book lover shed a few tears. I think they should add a couple of Harry Potter books to the collection, but maybe that’s just me.

Lily loved the breakfast room and the story it contained. Marcie’s favorite part of the house was the bowling alley- reason truly unknown. Each room contained its own history and unique stories about the Vanderbilt family that made the touring such a big property fly by.

After a morning of touring, we stopped for lunch at the stables (highly recommend- by the way) and looked around at some of the stable shops. We explored the expansive grounds of the Biltmore including the rose garden! The weather was perfect with cool, crisp air and the warmth of the sun tickling my skin. Everywhere you turn there’s a statue, a fountain, or gorgeous greenery and florals surrounding you. It’s truly an experience like any other.

After walking the grounds we made our way over to the vineyards and the Biltmore Winery. That portion of the grounds contained little shops and gorgeous scenery, it felt like stepping into a little village in the middle of a small European country. Of course, we had to get a sweet treat to top off the day… in this case, ice cream!

And that’s a wrap on our team trip. We had many laughs and learned a lot. Best yet, we experienced together, as a team. It was a pretty sweet way to finish off an even sweeter summer with Sweet T Picnics!

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