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  How do I find my picnic location?

Don't worry, Sugar! We won't let you get lost! On the day of your picnic, a map will be provided to you. There is no interaction with our Sweet T Picnics team needed, unless you wish. You will get to discover your private luxury picnic waiting for you to enjoy. If for any reason you have issues finding your picnic when you arrive, please contact us and we will assist you right away to ensure you are completely satisfied.

  Can I decide on a location for my picnic or do you travel?

We are flexible with locations within the Greater-Raleigh area.  We do offer recommendations such as the NC Museum of Art and Dorothea Dix Park.  However, we are open to other locations as long as our set-ups are permissible.  If you would like a Sweet T Picnics experience at a private residence or are interested in a picnic experience outside of the Greater-Raleigh area, please Contact Us!

  Can I leave my picnic when I want?

You are allowed to leave your picnic whenever you are ready during your allotted time. However, we ask for you to please provide a 30 minute notice via call or text if you plan to leave your picnic earlier than the scheduled time.  You are responsible for the picnic property until your scheduled picnic end time.

  What if I need to cancel my picnic?

If you need to cancel your scheduled picnic, we can reschedule your reservation for another day and time that works best for you if notified 72 hours in advance.  We do not offer any refunds.  

  What if there is inclement weather?

If it's raining cats and dogs, we know you don't want to be out there! Your safety is our top priority.  On the days leading up to your picnic, we will monitor weather forecast.  However, to avoid miscommunication, Sweet T Picnics will move forward with the set up of your picnic unless you request to cancel.  To cancel due to inclement weather, please email or text 919-438-1006.  We will work with you to reschedule your picnic experience.

  How does Sweet T Picnics sanitize the items?

Each pillow covering, blanket, cloth napkin, and machine washable item is laundered in free & clear hypoallergenic detergent after each picnic.  All picnic items are properly cleaned and sanitized with antibacterial spray.  Sweet T Picnics is dedicated to offering you a picnic setting that is safe and clean for you and your guests to enjoy.

  I selected Professional Photography as an Add-On. How does that work?

Sweet T Picnics is thrilled to offer professional photography to each picnic package so that you can enjoy the picnic while the professionals catch those special moments on camera.  The photographer will meet you at your picnic location and take photos for 30 minutes.  After your Sweet T Picnics experience, you will be provided a link to view and download your picnic photo gallery.  This add-on is perfect for special events, birthdays, proposals, anniversaries, and family gatherings! 

  What if it's hotter than the Devil outside?

In North Carolina, it is hot and humid in the summer, and can be frigid and cold in the winter. 

Summer months: We provide handheld fans, a portable electric fan, ice cold water, and cool moist towelettes.

Winter months: We provide hand warmers, extra soft blankets, and portable heaters

Sweet T Picnics will take all precautions to provide you with a comfortable picnic experience.  After all, this is a time to relax and enjoy sweet memories made together. 

  Can you cater to any theme?

If you have a specific idea or theme in mind, please Contact Us!

  What if I want Unsweet Tea instead of Sweet Tea?

Oh, bless your heart!

We understand that sweet tea is not for everyone, and we can provide Unsweet Tea per request.  Please notify us when you make your reservation or at least 72 hours in advance.

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