Sweet T Picnics was born out of the idea to enjoy the simple things in life.  Life is too short to not be happy. Here, we want you to unplug from the world, leave the work behind you, relax & unwind with the ones you love. Our tea is sweet, but the memories you make are even sweeter.

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Marcie T.

Marcie T

Marcie T. is a true southerner through-and-through. Originally from Concord, North Carolina, her goal is to exemplify the warmth and wholesomeness of the southern hospitality spirit in each Sweet T Picnics encounter. 

Marcie's main goal is to ensure you're elated with your luxury picnic experience.  In true southern fashion, she wants to make sure your belly's are full, your smiles are endless, your laughs are contagious, and you leave happy but always wanting to come back.


Abi moved to Raleigh, NC, when she was 7-years-old from the United Kingdom, and ever since then has been a Sweet Tea loving girl. She joined the Sweet T Picnics team because she loved what the company stood for and wanted to learn more about how Marcie made it the success it is today. 


Through her studies at North Carolina State University and her internship, she has learned the ins and outs of owning a business in the hopes of one day becoming a successful business owner herself. With her plan of graduating North Carolina State University in May 2023, she plans on relocating to a metropolitan city, and learning more about the corporate world to equip her with tools needed to one day establish her own business!

Marcie T

Abi Downs

Marcie T

Lydia Mitchell


Lydia, originally from Winston-Salem, NC, now resides in Raleigh while earning her degree in Fashion Textile Management from North Carolina State University. With plans to graduate this December, she will also complete her college career with a minor in Business Entrepreneurship. 


Lydia joined Sweet T Picnics to learn the inside scoop on how to run a small business. She has loved working closely with vendors, managing logistics, conceptualizing theme ideas, and executing marketing activities necessary. Lydia is eager to start her own women's boutique, and has gotten great experience on what it is like to create and run your own business!