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Partnership with Elite Aircraft Services

Take seat on your private Cirrus SR22 aircraft with your guest, and enjoy a luxurious one-hour flight from Raleigh Exec Jetport to the coast of North Carolina. Once you arrive at First Flight, you'll be able to stroll the National Park for approximately an hour, which highlights the Wright Brothers' achievements. Then enjoy a sweet two-hour luxury picnic for 2! After your picnic, we'll fly you back to The Triangle that same evening.

All - inclusive experience: $3,900


What is the max number of people that can enjoy this excursion?

We currently are only able to offer this experience to 2 guests total. This is due to the size of aircraft being flown.

Does the $3,900 price include everything? 

Yes! The price includes the private flight, personal private pilot, and private picnic (food and beverages included)!

Can I fly somewhere else besides the OBX?

Our locations are "fixed," meaning the price is set for the locations we mentioned (Raleigh Exec Jetport to Kitty Hawk). If you have another location in mind, we can do our best to work with our aviation partner to accomodate your request. 

I've never been in a small aircraft. What does that feel like?

Riding in the Cirrus SR22 is much like riding in a luxury sedan... with wings! You'll have great views, and be comfortable throughout your flight.

How long does this excursion last?

The flight to the OBX is approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Then, you'll have an hour to explore the park, and two hours to enjoy your picnic experience. When you're ready, we'll fly you back, which is another 45 minutes to an hour. So, all together your excursion is a total of approximately 5 hours. 

What if the weather is bad?

If the weather isn't looking great leading up to your scheduled date, our professional and trusted team of experts will make the call to reschedule your reserved date.  Your safety is our top priority.

What kind of food is offered? 

We give you the option of hand-crafted charcuterie or yummy lunch boxes (sandwich, salad, and a treat).

I want an aviation picnic, but I don't want to fly!

That's perfectly ok! We have an option for that called the Plane ol' Picnic! Check it out!


Wright Way to Picnic

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