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The Insider's Guide to the Wright Way to Picnic

Buckle up y’all, and get ready to enjoy our Wright Way to Picnic experience.

Imagine this:

You and your picnic partner arrive at Raleigh Executive Jetport where a private plane, a private pilot, and a Sweet T Picnics team member are waiting for your arrival. As you step onto your private plane, your pilot and a Sweet T Picnics team member are ensuring everything is set for a smooth takeoff to the Outer Banks.

On your short flight to the Outer Banks, feel free to enjoy the gorgeous views from the large windows of the Cirrus luxury aircraft, and stay nice and comfortable in your climate-controlled cabin. Feel free to talk up a storm or enjoy the peace of your favorite music with the provided headphones. Don't forget to take full advantage of your Flight Kit courtesy of Sweet T Picnics! You will find almost everything you’d need to keep you at ease on your flight; from breath mints to sunglasses to hand sanitizer to bottled water- we have you covered!

Approximately 45 minutes later, we will land in Kitty Hawk! It’s time to part ways with the team and set off on your own adventure. Explore the Wright Brothers Memorial National Park at your own pace. Learn some classic Carolinian history and enjoy the gorgeous views of the national park. Your luxury picnic will be set up while you’re having a good time at the Wright Brothers Memorial so don't worry about lifting a single finger!

Owner Marcie Walsh and her husband enter a Cirrus aircraft, ready for a luxury picnic.

As you step out of the excursion, your luxury picnic is awaiting your arrival. Enjoy delicious food, good conversation, and ice-cold sweet tea in an exclusive environment. We recommend turning on our aviation-themed Wright Way to Picnic playlist found on our Spotify account! If you haven’t noticed, relaxation and having a good time is strongly encouraged!

Time flies when you’re having fun, and soon enough it’ll be time to wrap up your picnic. As you venture back to your plane, our team will clean up the picnic and together we will take off back to the Raleigh Executive Jetport to part ways.

This signature experience is the only one of its kind in the world, but if you like the idea of an exclusive aviation picnic without hopping on an actual plane, then we have a solution for you. Our Plane ‘ol Picnic package allows you to have a luxury picnic in front of a vintage aircraft nestled by the Raleigh Exec Jetport’s runway. Enjoy watching planes take off and land as the sun sets. Much like our Wright Way to Picnic, the Plane ‘ol Picnic is an experience that’s one of a kind. See new heights with Sweet T Picnics’ aviation picnics!

Allow us to show you the (W)right way to picnic!

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