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Charmed Connections: What Sweet T Picnics Experience is for You?

We know it’s hard to choose your perfect picnic, so let your zodiac pick it for you.

We’re here to deliver your monthly horoscope- picnic style!



Luxury Picnics, Sweet T Picnics

As a fire sign ruled by Mars, Aries is a fiery character with an even more fiery personality. You are highly competitive, exceedingly ambitious, and constantly energetic, but who could blame ya? It’s just in Aries’ blood.

Another great quality of Aries is their amazing ability to be self-aware at all times. With that being said… I’m sure we’re all aware that you deserve a much-needed break to relax and calm down with a picnic. The Bohemian Bliss Picnic is the perfect picnic for you, Aries!

Get away with this free-spirited eclectic experience! Elevate it with a trip to your favorite Carolina beach or stay local and allow us to handcraft your escape. Whatever you decide, the Bohemian Bliss Picnic will be the perfect diversion from the typical excitement of an Aries running wild.


Luxury Picnics, Sweet T Picnics, Country

Taurus is known for being strong, stable, and dependable. Reflecting those core qualities of a classic Earth sign, Taurus is arguably the most grounded zodiac sign. You love to stay home, but hate big change, and don’t even get us started on your logical and practical ways. There’s a simplistic dependable charm to Taurus that many don’t possess.

What Sweet T Picnics experience would best reflect our beloved, dependable Taurus than a good ol’ Country Classic Picnic? With this picnic, you know exactly what to expect with its classic southern charm, cozy embellishments, and (of course) copious amounts of sweet tea. You’re as consistently steady as our Country Classic Picnic and we love you for it! This picnic is a classic for a reason and you, Taurus, are the perfect sign to capture its true essence.


Luxury Picnics, Sweet T Picnics

Well, aren’t you just a curious cat, Gemini? Besides being incredibly perceptive, an excellent communicator, and amazingly charismatic- you’re driven by your immense curiosity. You’re fueled by a good adventure and have a flair for the dramatic. We have just the perfect escape for someone like you, Gemini. The Enchanting Tea Party Picnic is perfect for a Gemini who’s looking to soothe their inner child.

Let your fantasies become reality with this whimsical picnic. Feel like royalty with fine china and luxury adornment as you indulge in a land of enchantment. Leave your worries behind and let fanciful wonder overtake your inquisitive mind. This picnic is whatever you wish it to be and is so enchanted to meet you, Gemini.


Raleigh, UNC, Duke, Luxury Picnics

As a water sign ruled by the Moon, Cancer is a naturally sensitive sign. Like the ocean, Cancer is layered; you tend to sift through many moods and deeply feel through them. Furthermore, Cancer is calm and flows from headspace to headspace.

The Carolina Blues Picnic reflects the intricacies of Cancer with a Carolinian flare. This picnic unites Carolina Blue with Duke Blue in a seamlessly intertwined union. This rivalry is ages-old and complex- something a Cancer can truly appreciate. What’s more? You can even have this picnic on UNC Chapel Hill’s or Duke’s campus upon request! Be sure to check out this signature picnic, perfect for a beloved Cancer.


Aviation, Unique Picnics, Sweet T Picnics

Well aren’t you just a special little number, Leo? A sign that is famous for its big personalities, unmatched charisma, and astounding instincts, this fiery zodiac is not for the weak. You are ambitious, adventurous, and creative, but tend to have a sweet spot for a little luxury. Don’t you dare worry, we have the perfect picnic for you!

Leo, meet the Plane ol' Picnic. This picnic is a purely luxurious experience with a sprinkle of adventure and a whole lot of uniqueness. In other words, meet your true match. Enjoy one of our signature luxury picnics while privately gazing at plane take-offs and landings right before your eyes. We know you thrive off of following your instincts- so, go with your gut and try out the Plane ol’ Picnic. This exclusive experience is truly one-in-a-million, just like you, Leo!


Luxury Picnics, Event Planner

Bless your heart, Virgo. Aren’t you just the sweetest thing? You may get a bad rep for your tendency to be judgemental and extreme perfectionism, but we understand you. We see how you’re an introvert at heart and that your chastised traits are intended for the betterment of those you love. Virgo just wants to spread their magic, and we can’t blame you for that.

Spread that magic- and your wings- at the Fantasy Fairy Picnic. Step into a storybook with your own set of fairy wings and a flower crown as you sip tea in the woodland. As an Earth sign, you have an innate connection to nature, so prepare for a moment to reconnect with your roots. This picnic is pure bliss and wildly fanciful. Unleash your inner fairy, Virgo, and spread some pixie dust while you’re at it!

P.S. Furry friends are not included, but we’re sure you’ve got that covered


Summer Picnics, Sweet T Picnics

An air sign ruled by Venus, famously known as The Scales, Libra is a funny little sign. Libra is the epitome of an ambivert. You shift and morph your personality to better fit your company and environment. You hate making decisions but are a considerably responsible sign. What’s more? You are obsessed with perception and aesthetics. Some signs may object to the enigma that is Libra’s nature, but we understand you. You ultimately seek peace in everything you pursue. Honestly, who could blame you? The world could use a little more of that (thank you very much).

Sweet T Picnics has a signature picnic that certainly suits a peace-seeking Libra: the Peace, Love, & Picnic. It’s all in the name! Release your inner flower child and enjoy a peaceful picnic curated with love. Inspired by the 70’s decade when the mass-energy was simply groovy, peaceful, and vibey- totally Libra’s style. Enjoy this radical picnic’s good vibes, dude. The skinny? Libra + Peace, Love, & Picnic, 4 L. Can ya dig it?


Raleigh, Unique Picnics, Sweet T Picnics

Aren’t you a special little number, Scorpio? You’re a big people person and possess a unique charm that many couldn’t replicate. Scorpio masterfully handles situations with tact while simultaneously being blunt and honest. At the end of the day, you’re the sign that can handle people in just the right way with ease.

Just because you have that superpower doesn’t mean you don’t deserve time for relaxation and play. The Paddle Board Picnic is a perfect experience for a Scorpio needing some time off! Unwind with one of our luxury picnics with a gorgeous lakefront view. What’s more? Thanks to our partner Gear Up, you can enjoy a fun time paddle-boarding on the lake! Have fun with a bunch of your best friends or disconnect from the world with a partner, a friend, or a loved one. This experience is customizable to your needs and wants, and that’s what makes it exquisite for a Scorpio!


Unique Experience, Sweet T Picnics

You’ll be pressed to find a zodiac more fearless than Sagittarius. You are a fiery sign ruled by Jupiter that is famously friendly, accepting of change, and knowledgeable. You’re the culmination of many positive traits that many can only wish to possess. We see and know you, Sagittarius. We know how you love to explore the unknown and don’t we have just the picnic for you!

Introducing the Wright Way to Picnic! This picnic is so unique that it’s the only one like it in the world. Yep, you’ve read that right. The. World.

The Wright Way to Picnic is a luxury experience where you board a private flight to the Outer Banks to enjoy one of our exclusive picnics. Once you finish your picnic- don’t worry- we’ll fly you right back to mainland on that same private aircraft. This Sweet T signature picnic is perfect for the adventurous and curious. It’s a bold pick that’s not for everyone but is suited just for an explorer like you, Sagittarius. Let us (jet)set you up with the Wright Way to Picnic, you simply won’t regret it.


Raleigh, Luxury Picnics

Capricorn is the icon of ambition, discipline, and perfectionism. Although the sign is basically synonymous with workaholic at this point, being an Earth sign signifies how grounded and realistic Capricorn is at its core. You are stable, responsible, and a born leader. With high expectations for themselves and those around them, Capricorn expects the best. We can give you that.

The Uptown Picnic is Capricorn in picnic form. With sleek decor and an all-encompassing sophisticated tone, this picnic gets it. The picnic is contemporary with urban influence that is counterposed with the environment of the great outdoors and the fact that it is, well, a picnic! If you’re a city transplant, you’ll love this experience as you get the best of both worlds. But, it truly doesn’t matter if you’re city-folk or a southern native, Capricorn, this picnic will meet your high expectations and then some. Feel free to truly disconnect from your busy life with our luxurious Uptown Picnic.

P.S. Don’t worry about having to answer a work call or checking your email… we don’t judge, Capricorn.


Country Picnics, Sweet T Picnics

No one makes being an outcast look more pleasant than Aquarius. Oh sugar, don’t take offense. Aquarius is born to be an outcast because of their innate nature to stand apart with their dazzling charm, quick wit, and unmatched humor. There’s no one quite like you, Aquarius.

Funnily enough, Aquarius has a knack for contrarianism. You tend to love and enjoy so many things, that you don’t really care if they’re diametrically opposed. Aquarius loves to go against the grain but feels the need to go with it simultaneously. So- the Aquarius solution? Mix it all up and see what comes out. That’s why the Arnold Palmer Picnic is the perfect picnic for Aquarius.

Much like the famed southern drink, the Arnold Palmer, this picnic is perfect for a hot summer day in the Carolinas. Although every Sweet T Picnics experience comes with sweet tea, this picnic is special for having lemonade provided as well! Mix your arnold palmer yourself to get your perfect mix and sit back, relax, and enjoy this Sweet T signature picnic.


Raleigh Luxury Picnics, Sweet T Picnics

Well, aren’t you just a hopeless romantic, Pisces? As a water sign ruled by Neptune, what else could we expect? You’re fanciful and full of imagination. Pisces tends to have their heads in the clouds and their heart on full throttle. You lead your life by your feelings, emotions, and heart and we honestly love you for it. You have a tendency to romanticize life, so why not extend that to our picnics?

When finding a picnic that best suits you, there’s simply no competition. Pisces and Date Night Picnics go hand in hand! Enjoy a romantic, luxury picnic with your significant other as you watch the sun set and indulge in the calm natural environment around you. This picnic allows you to sit back and focus on love and romance, opens your mind to new bounds, and lets your emotions fully overtake you. Impress your partner with a Date Night Picnic brought to you by Sweet T Picnics, for a night to truly remember.


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